Paper Mill Customizable Kraft Paper Machine

This kraft paper machine is designed for optimal performance, minimized downtime and maximum throughput. The kraft paper machine’s advanced automation and control system controls the rapid adjustment of parameters of the paper making production line to ensure consistent quality of the kraft paper produced.

Data Information of the Kraft Paper Machine

Output paper weight: 70-180 g/m2
Output paper width: 1800-5100 mm
Line width: 2350-5700mm
Capacity: 20-400 tons per day
Working speed: 80-400m/min
Design speed: 100-450m/min
Gauge: 2800-6300 mm
Driving mode: AC variable frequency speed regulation, segmented drive

Leizhan can provide paper mills with kraft paper machines of various production specifications. If you want to set up kraft paper production line, please contact me for details. Email:

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