Paper Machine Press Felt For Sale

Paper machine press felt for sale is widely used in many types of paper making machine, such as tissue paper making machine, corrugated paper making machine, kraft paper making machine etc.
Paper machine press felt can effectively solve the problems of low paper dewatering rate, large steam consumption and so on, so that improving the quality and output of the paper.

According to the position of press felt on the paper machine, it can be divided into three types: wet felt, upper felt and dryer felt. Wet felt is used in the press section, which is thin in texture and easy to filter. The upper felt is used in the Yankee dryer, the surface is very smooth, and the surface of the felt should be burned with a blowtorch to make the wet paper sheet adhere to it. The dryer felt is used for the dryer section. The texture is the thickest and has good strength. Press the paper sheet tightly on the surface of the dryer to heat it evenly, and to iron and smooth it.

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