Paper Diseasers And Solutions In Dryer Section

Paper Diseasers And Solutions In Dryer Section
The drying section mainly removes the combined water from the paper by evaporation. During the page, the dryness of the paper will change from 40% to more than 90%. During this period, the paper will shrink, and the intensity will also increase.

Points Should Be Paid Attention To Paper Disease

  • The moisture from the sheet of paper should be eliminated in time, otherwise the water droplets will be condensed. The occurrence of black water and dry screen printing are related to this.
  • Due to chemistry improper of wet section often stick some debris, will cause the paper surface defects after coating material; surface dryer with scraper sometimes stick some foreign bodies; sometimes after the paper dryer scraper on the left large pieces of paper, these pieces will also cause scratch paper, soft roller belt.
  • Dry wire have a certain life should be changed regularly, otherwise aging stem wire will affect the operation of paper machine is also consumable is fragile when dealing with dryer wrapping paper and other events to protect the dry wire, broken dry wire are also likely to damage the pages.

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