Large Production Capacity Corrugated Paper Machine

The corrugated paper machine is equipped with a complex series of components that work in harmony to ensure smooth and efficient paper production. This corrugated paper machine uses advanced technology and a sophisticated design to optimize the production capacity and quality of corrugated paper.

Details of this Corrugated Paper Machine


Quantitative: 90~150 g/m2 (assessment quantitative: 105g/m2)
Basis weight: 105 g/m2
Net paper width: 4400mm
Roll paper width: 4460mm
Wire width: 5000mm
Working speed: 400m/min
Design speed: 450m/min (50HZ)
Dynamic balancing speed: 550m/min
Paper roller dynamic balancing speed: 1500m/min
Production capacity: 200 -240t/d (calculated based on 90g/m2, 400m/min, 24h)
Gauge: 5800mm
Installed capacity: 1786.5KW (subject to final design)

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