Hardboard Paper Production Line in Paper Mill

This hardboard production line is mainly used to produce 300-600g/m2 gray board paper, white board paper and kraft paper. This hardboard production line can save energy and has many unique advantages compared with other hardboard production lines. It is ideal machine for making gray board paper, white board paper and kraft paper.

Main Advantage of This Hardboard Paper Production Line

1. Reasonable design, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, energy saving and many other characteristics.
2. Make up for many features such as stand-alone manual pasting, greatly reduce production costs, improve product quality, and greatly improve the flatness, strength and adhesion of cardboard.
3. The hardboard produced by this hardboard paper production line is accurate in size, low in cost, and has no environmental pollution in the production process. It is a new type of carton equipment for packaging materials such as cartons, high-end gift boxes, and stationery.

Leizhan can provide the paper mill with complete set of pulping machine for the hardboard production line. Please email me about your requirements. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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