Grey Cardboard Paper Machine

Gray cardboard paper is mainly used for the book cover, packaging box, storage box and etc. The raw material is fine waste book paper.

Grey Cardboard Paper Pulp Production Line

Waste paper→D Type Hydrapulper→Pulp Pump→High Density Cleaner→Double Disc Refiner→Pulp Screen→Pulp Chest→first stage Coarse Screen→Reject Separator→Mid Density Cleaner→Mid Consistency Fine Screen→Double Disc Refiner→Inflow Pressure Screen

Grey Cardboard Paper Production Line

Pulp Chest→Approaching System→Forming Section→Press Section→Drying Section→Calender Section→Paper Cutting Machine

Advantages Of Grey Cardboard Paper Machine

1. Paper board is uniform in thickness to make sure the cover design is normative.
2. Possess fine mechanical strength to maintain the practicability & durability.
3. The appearance of paper board is smooth & not warped.

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