Duplex Board Paper Machine

Duplex Board Paper Machine Production Line

Chain Conveyor
Vertical Hydrapulper
High Density Cleaner
M.C. Pressure Screen
Single Effect Fiber Separator
Vibrating Screen
Low Density Cleaning Machine
Double Disc Refiner
Cylinder Thickener
Low Density Cleaner
Inflow Pressure Screen

Raw Materials Of Duplex Board Paper Machine

1. Completly waste paper, old carton box
2. Waste paper mixed virgin pulp
3. Virgin wood pulp, virgin pulp board

Basic Data Of Duplex Board Paper Machine

Net Paper Width: 2800mm
Paper Thickness: 80-200g/m²
Design Speed: 200m/min
Working Speed:70-170m/min
Capacity: 60-70tons per day
Width Of Wire: 3400mm

Email: wastepapermachine@gmail.com
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