Details About Waste Paper Pulping Machine Hydrapulper

Details About Waste Paper Pulping Machine Hydrapulper

Temperature To Hydrapulper

With the increase of temperature, waste paper is soft, slurry easy to absorb water and pulp, especially those hard sized paper or printing paper with ink. In addition, the viscosity of the pulp decreases with the increase of temperature, and has good fluidity, thus promoting the circulation of pulp and improving the breaking effect.

Consistency To Pulper

It is of advantage to increase the pulping concentration in the case of ensuring good circulation of slurry. From the experiment we know that the concentration has a linear relationship with the power consumption, but the energy consumption per unit yield decreases with the increase of concentration, but has little influence on the pulping and pulping time.

Pulping Time To Pulper

Under certain operating conditions, there must be an effective interval of breaking. If exceeds the interval, the increase of the rate is very small. It is not economic if we attempt to extend the time to improve the disintegration effect. Therefore, breaking timemust be controlled so that it can be operated within a valid time frame.

Material Properties To Hydrapulper

Because of the different water absorption, swelling ability and fiber binding capacity of the treated pulp, the effect of fragmentation is different.


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