Customizable Kraft Paper Machine Price

This kraft paper machine adopts the most advanced production technology at present, which can meet the needs of paper mills to produce kraft paper of different specifications and thicknesses and meet the diverse needs of the market. The kraft paper machine’s efficient energy utilization and wastewater treatment system can reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, and reduce the production costs of paper mills.

Parameters of the Kraft Paper Machine

Output paper weight: 100-250 g/m2
Output paper width: 2880-5100 mm
Wire width: 3450-5700 mm
Capacity: 60-500 tons per day
Working speed: 100-450m/min
Design speed: 150-500m/min
Gauge: 4000-6300 mm

Leizhan has many years of experience in developing pulp and paper machines and can provide high-quality pulp and paper machines for paper mills. Please email me about the paper pulping machine you need. Email:

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