Carton Paper Machine For Paper Mill

Carton paper machine is mainly used for making testliner cardboard paper and corrugated body paper. The whole paper machine can be divided into following parts: Head Box, Fourdrinier Section, Press Section, Front drying Section, Inclined type Surface Sizing Machine, Back Drying Section, Calendering Section and Reeling Section.

Main Spare Parts of Carton Paper Machine For Paper Mill

1. Fourdrinier Wire Machine
2. Shoe Press
3. Dryer Cylinder
4. Vacuum Pump&Vacuum System
5. Sizing Machine
6. Coating Machine
7. Roll Press
8. QCS
9. Paper Winder
10. Finished Product Package Delivery System
11. Paper Cutter
12. Lubricating System & Hydraulic System & Air Compressor System
13.Steam and Condensate System
14. Cooling Tower

Technical Data Of Carton Paper Machine For Paper Mill

Trimmed Width(mm): 1092-3200
Designing Speed(m/min): 220
Working Speed(m/min): 130-200
Grammage(g/m2): 13-30
Production Capacity(t/d): 2-11.5
Power Of Main Motor(KW): 30-75
Track Gauge(mm): 1900-4100

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