60T/D LOCC pulping production line

The main production capacity of this pulping production line is 60t/d. The raw material of this pulping production line is LOCC. All pulping machines for this pulping production line are provided by Leizhan for the paper mill. The following are the main machines used in this pulping line.

Main Pulping Machines of this Pulping Line

D type hydrapulper: normal volume: 10m³
High density cleaner: throughput: 3000~4500l/min
reject separater: Consistency: 1~2%
double disc refiner: consistency=3~5%
Inflow pressure screen: Screen area: 0.6㎡

Leizhan looks forward to providing a complete set of pulp and paper making machines to more paper mills. Welcome to send me an email about the pulp and paper making machines you need. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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