​Paper Machine Calender Roll

Maintenance of Calender Roll of Paper Machine

1. Keep the calender roller surface smooth and clean, and use the scraper properly. You should adjust the scraper line pressure before starting the machine. When the scraper is not strict, it is strictly prohibited to use the padding to increase the line pressure. The relevant personnel should be adjusted or replaced.

2. When pressing and breaking the paper, the paper tail should be interrupted to avoid winding the paper onto the roller surface, resulting in strong vibration and impact between the rollers.

3. As a result of regular paper breaking and paper drawing operation, it is easy to cause the roll surface wear of the operation side to be accelerated. Therefore, the paper should reduce the line pressure and bring back the normal line pressure after the paper is finished.

4. Avoid prolonged air transfers to prevent roll surfaces from being damaged by debris.

5. Prohibit the use of sharp hard materials, cleaning roller surface by debris damage.

7. Should avoid the paper machine calender roll surface temperature change, not a long time for local heating or cooling roller.

8. The pressure on both sides of the calender roll paper making equipment should be basically balanced, and the difference of the line pressure between ends should be avoided.


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