Waste Paper Recycling Egg Tray Production Machine

Waste paper recycling egg tray manufacturing machine is widely used in the manufacture of pulp molding products, and the material is paper such as newspaper, cardboard, paper box, and corrugated paper. Egg tray manufacturing machine pulp molding system forming system drying system, packing system. And this machine is eco-friendly, high efficiency, energy saving, durable, simple to operate.

Egg Tray Making Machine Details 

Raw material: waste paper

Output capacity: 2000pcs/h

Power: 80kw

Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of pulping  and paper making machines for 40 years. We provide the entire paper line, including paper pulping line and paper machine. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our paper machines. Email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com
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