Egg Tray Production Line

Lei Zhan egg tray manufacturing machine can answer two questions for you at the same time. The machine uses waste paper, newspapers and cartons as raw materials to make egg trays. It increases the reuse value of waste paper and brings extra profits to egg tray manufacturers.

Constitution Of Egg Tray Making Machine

1. Pulping system
Generally, the pulping system includes a hydraulic pulping machine, a pulp tank beater, a mixing tank, a water tank and a pulp tank.The pulping system designed by Leizhan can reduce labor cost and machine footprint, and improve pulping efficiency.
2. Molding system
The forming system is composed of vacuum pump, air compressor, water pump and forming machine.
3. Drying system
After molding, all egg trays need to be dried before packaging. According to the daily output of the pulp egg tray manufacturing machine, Lei Zhan can provide customers with four different drying systems, namely natural drying inthe sun, cart drying bricks, conveyor belt drying bricks and metal drying.

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