Vibrating Screen Sent to Sichuan Paper Mill

What Leizhan shipped this time was vibrating screen customized by a customer in Sichuan. This pulping machine is one of Lezhan’s current best-selling pulping machines. Leizhan has sent the vibrating screen that meets the needs of the paper mill to the customer’s paper mill. And Leizhan also dispatched professional engineers to assist customers in installation and use.

The vibrating screen has a wide range of uses. It can be used in the coarse screening system of the pulp production line, and can also be used in the approach flow system and sizing of the paper production line. The vibrating screen has good screening effect, stable operation and easy maintenance. It is an ideal equipment for paper mills.

As a well-known pulp and paper machine manufacturer in China, Leizhan can customize paper pulp machines for paper mills around the world. Welcome to contact me for details. Email:

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