400t/d Corrugated Paper / T Paper Full Production Line

corrugated t paper full production line

Recently, Leizhan received a new order from Xinxiang paper mill. This paper mill is a company which professional at corrugated paper and T paper making, because of the paper mill expand, they purchased Leizhan 400tpd corrugated paper / t paper full production line. Here are the details of the paper making line.

Corrugated Paper / T Paper Production Line

Corrugated paper and t paper in packaging paper industry is always in high demand because it’s simply process and high return. Here Xinxiang paper mill adopt waste paper as raw material, the waste paper through Chain Conveyor transported to Drum Pulper, then the pulp through stock cleaning system and coarse screening system and fractionating system to get the fine pulp. In this process, Light Impurity Separator and Reject Separator can be used as pulp tailing device, which reduce the fiber loss and save cost, improve the paper mill’s profit.

The picture above is Drum Pulper delivery site for Xinxiang paper maker’s 400tpd corrugated paper and t paper full production line. The following equipment will be finished as soon as possible.

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