Shipping Order for Pulping Machine Customized by Xinjiang Customer

This shipment is an order from a customer in Xinjiang. The customer customized chain conveyor, bale breaker, reject separator at Leizhan for their new pulping production line. These pulping machines are suitable pulping machines designed for paper mills by Leizhan’s engineers according to their needs.

The chain conveyor customized by this customer is mainly used to transport waste paper in the pulping production line. The bale breaker is mainly used for dry screening in the early stage to break up waste paper and screen out light and heavy impurities. The reject separator is used for fiber decomposition and impurity separation of tail pulp.

At present, these pulping machines have been shipped to the customer’s paper mill. Leizhan can not only provide a single pulping machine but also a complete set of pulping machines for the paper mill. Welcome to contact me for details. Email address:

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