Delivery Site of Hunan Customer Customized Pulp Screening Machine

What Leizhan shipped to the paper mill this time was the middle consistency pressure screen promoted by Leizhan. This pulping machine is welcomed by many paper mills. This time, the customer from Hunan also ordered the pulping machine on the recommendation of Leizhan’s engineers.

The middle consistency pressure screen customized by the Hunan customer in Leizhan is a pulping machine mainly suitable for small volume pulping production lines. Leizhan’s engineers can recommend suitable pulping machines to customers based on the size of the customer’s demand, and provide Customers are provided with guaranteed after-sales service.

Do you want to build a pulp and paper making line? Leizhan can design suitable pulping and paper making solution for you and provide you with cheap and better pulping and paper making machines. Please feel free to contact me for details. Email address:

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