Delivery of Hot Selling Pulping Machine Customized by Customer

What is shipped to the customer this time is agitator, bale breaker, chain conveyor, inclined screen, cleaner, water filter screen, grapple, reject separator, light impurity separator, rope cutter, hydrapurger, D type hydrapulper and supporting accessories. These are pulping machines customized by this customer in Leizhan.

These pulping machines customized by this customer are suitable pulping machines recommended by Leizhan’s professional engineers according to the customer’s needs. Leizhan will continue to provide customers with after-sales service to ensure that these pulping machines can bring the pulping results expected by customers to paper mills.

The pulping machine customized by the customer at Leizhan has now been shipped. Leizhan looks forward to providing pulping and papermaking machines to more customers. Feel free to contact me for details. Email address:

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