Customized Double Disc Refiner Sent to Sichuan

Recently, a paper mill from Sichuan customized double disc refiner in Leizhan for the new pulping machine of the paper mill. Leizhan has produced pulping machines with suitable production specifications in accordance with customer requirements, and sent the double-disc refiner and supporting accessories to the customer’s paper mill.

This customer-customized double-disc refiner is Leizhan’s current best-selling pulping machine. This pulping machine has unique selection and advanced technology, making it an ideal choice for the pulping production line of paper mills. Leizhan hopes that this pulping machine can bring satisfactory benefits to customers.

Leizhan is a well-known pulp and paper machine manufacturer in China and can provide advanced pulp and paper machines for paper mills. Welcome to contact me for details and prices of Leizhan’s pulping machines. Email:

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