Chain Conveyor Shipped to Iran Paper Mill

The chain conveyor is indispensable pulping machine for transporting waste paper in paper mills. This time, Iranian customers customized the BFW1800*37.5m chain conveyor in Leizhan for use in their pulping production line. The chain conveyor developed by Leizhan has many advantages and is an important machine used in pulping production line.

The customized chain conveyor has now been sent to the customer’s paper mill. The inclination angle of the chain conveyor can be adjusted, and the fully enclosed design will not cause paper leakage. In addition, the chain conveyor can also weigh the transported waste paper.

The pulp and paper making machines provided by Leizhan for paper mills are energy-saving, efficient, sturdy and durable. If you need pulp and paper making machines, please feel free to send me an email. Email address:

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