Biyang Paper Mill Customized Pulp Machine Delivery

This time, the Biyang customer customized a complete set of pulping production line machines in Lei Zhan, which mainly includes chain conveyor, D type hydrapulper, hydrapurger, drum screen, ragger, rope cutter, grapple, cleaner, energy saving pressure screen, light impurity separator, reject separator, pressure screen, inflow pressure screen.

Previously, Leizhan has shipped the main pulping machines to the customer’s designated location. This time, the remaining pulping machines customized by the customer mainly include chain conveyors, sediment wells and their supporting accessories. Leizhan’s pulping machines have advanced designs and advanced technology, which will definitely bring satisfactory benefits to customers.

Leizhan has provided pulp and paper machines to many paper mills around the world and has been well received by many customers. Welcome to send me an email about the pulping machine you need. Email:

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