60T Corrugated Kraft Paper Project Delivery Site

Angolan customer has started a new project with a daily output of 60 tons of corrugated paper kraft paper, and a complete set of pulping equipment is provided by Lei Zhan.
Shipping details
Project name: 60T Corrugated Kraft Paper Project
Delivery time:March 24, 2021
Order equipment: chain conveyor, D type pulper, high consistency cleaner, double disc refiner, inflow pressure screen, middle consistency pressure screen, reject separator, etc.
Delivery equipment: high consistency cleaner, pulp pump, etc.

Leizhan is a professional manufacturer of paper and pulp making machine, can offer you the full set of paper pulping line equipment and various kinds of paper making machine. Welcome email us for any needs. Email: wastepapermachine@gmail.com. 


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