100T/D Whiteboard Paper Corrugated Paper T-paper Project

Armenia customer opened newly whiteboard paper corrugated paper T-paper making line to product  whiteboard paper corrugated paper and T-paper and make more ecnomics. The unit paper pulping equipment offered by Leizhan. The main ordered equipment includede chain conveyor, middle density pressure screen, high density cleaner, refiner,pump pulp, D type hydrapulper, etc.

Shipping Equipment Type In Corrugated Paper Pulping Line

BFW Series Chain Conveyor
ZSC Series High Density Cleaner
PZ Series Reject Separator
ZNS Series Middle Densiry Pressure Screen
JB Series Agitator

We mainly manufacture the stock preparation machine for paper mill, no matter packaging paper, cultural paper or living paper and coating paper,Please contact with me, if you want to open newly paper making line or build new
paper plant, we provide complete paper making and pulpinequipment. Emailaddress:paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com.

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