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1600 tpdWaste Paper Processing Line

Two sets of complete pulping systems with a daily output of 800T/D provide centralized pulp supply to PM1/PM2/PM3, and the daily output of finished paper reaches 1,500 tons/day.

Pulp Gravity Disc Thickener

Leizhan manufactures pulp thickeners and we manufacture a full range of gravity pan thickeners and accessories. Email us for prices and details.

Paper Mill Drum Screen Application Site

Leizhan has over 37 years experience in the manufacture of pulp and paper equipment for paper mills. The following is the use site of Jiangxi Jinyuan Paper Drum Screen.

Recycled Packaging Paper Project

Leizhan provided the pulping line for the recycled packaging paper project for Yadu Paper. All equipment has been put into operation smoothly.

Largest Diameter Drum Pulper Installation Site

On April 22, 2022, the installation of the 4250 drum pulper provided by Leizhan for Zhengzhou Dongmiao Paper Co., Ltd. was completed, which is currently the largest drum pulper in China.

Tissue Paper Pulping Site In Peru

The Peruvian customer’s 80t toilet paper production line reconstruction equipment has been installed. Customers spoke highly of Leizhan’s pulping equipment. This article introduces the use site of the pulping equipment in the toilet paper production line.


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