Delivery Site of D Type Hydrapulper in Paper Mill

The person who ordered the pulping machine from Leizhan this time is from an old customer who has cooperated with Leizhan many times. The D-type hydrapulper customized by this customer has been shipped. Leizhan hopes that this pulping machine can provide the efficiency and quality of the customer’s pulping production line.

This D type hydrapulper is mainly used for forced disintegration and breaking of fibers. Applicable to all raw materials. The pulping machine is made of carbon steel or stainless steel and is sturdy and durable. And the D type hydrapulper has transmission support for more than 25 cubic meters.

Leizhan’s D-type hydraulic pulper has complete specifications and can be applied to various pulping production lines. Welcome to send me an email for detailed information. Email address:

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