High Efficiency D Type Hydrapulper For Pulping Line

D type Hydrapulper used for pulping all kinds of pulp board, damaged paper and waste paper. Traditional Hydrapulper will produce a unimpededhydrocyclone, Paper material from inlet by spiral trajectory to the center of the rotor in sports. However, D type hydrapulper change the way of the flow and make the paper material in touch with the rotor more quickly, which can shorten the paper into pulp material handling time and improve the production capacity without any increase in power and volume. The smooth operation of equipment can improve work efficiency and output, and save maintenance costs.

How To Maintenance D Type Hydrapulper?

1. Lubricating
2. Replace the sieve
3. Replacing copper sleeve
4. Replace the bearings

Our engineers will formulate different maintenance plans for customers according to the different problems of the equipment. If you have any question about Maintenance D Type Hydrapulper, please free contact us. Email: wastepapermachine@gmail.com.

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