Bale Breaker In OCC Production Line

Waste Paper Bale Breaker belongs to Conveying and Bale Breaking System of paper machinery and a more advanced Conveying and Bale Breaking System. Waste Paper Bale Breaker mainly used for breaking and selecting waste paper bales from Chain Conveyor in OCC Production Line, which provides an open condition for removing the large impurities of the bale breaking waste paper. Waste Paper Bale Breaker has the advantages of reasonable structure, large production capacity, low power consumption,etc.

Benefits Of Waste Paper Bale Breaker

1. Removal impurities can reduce wear to the following equipment.
2. Large production capacity, high working effiency
3. Low operating cost due to low energy consumption.

OCC Production Line Processing : Chain Conveyor-Bale Brealer-Hydrapulper-H.C. Cleaner-M.C. Pressure Screen-L.C Cleaner-Double Disc Refiner-Inflow Pressure Screen.

Waste Paper Bale Breaker could bring customers lots of profit with the lowest investment. In addition to Waste Paper Bale Breaker, we can provide other pulping equipment, such as hydrapulper, Drum pulper, reject separator,etc. Welcome email us for any need. Email:

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