Tissue Paper Pulp Production Project

Good news! Chongqing Lee & Man PAPER MFG.LTD and Leizhan machinery established cooperation. Zhengzhou Leizhan will provide Chongqing Liwen Tissue Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd with a complete toilet paper pulp preparation system with a total capacity of 125,000 tons/year. This project contains:
1. Two sets of paper pulp preparation systems supporting an annual output of 68,000 tons of tissue paper machine
2. A set of paper pulp preparation system supporting an annual output of 32,000 tons of paper towel machine
3. A set of paper pulp preparation system supporting kitchen paper machine with an annual output of 25,000 tons
4. Two sets of paper-breaking lines matching the paper machine.

Leizhan Machinery will provide a complete set of pulp preparation equipment and flow delivery such as chain conveying system, pulping system, high concentration purification system, double-disc refiner, leveling refiner, broken paper pulper, thinning machine, flow delivery system device.

Leizhan Machinery continues to exert its strength on household paper projects, and uses sophisticated equipment and high-quality services to continuously obtain customer recognition. The cooperation with Lee & Man Group this time has further deepened the good cooperative relationship between Leizhan Machinery and Lee & Man Group. The recognition and use of domestic papermaking equipment by Lee & Man Group stems from the company philosophy of Lei Zhan Machinery’s “professional technology, serving papermaking”, which is reflected in the project cooperation

If you have any questions about paper pulp production, please feel free to contact us.
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