Technologically Advanced Agitator for Sale

The agitator adopts advanced mixing technology, which can stir the pulp quickly and evenly, ensuring that the paper components are evenly distributed in the pulp and ensuring the consistency and stability of the pulp quality. The agitator has an advanced impeller design and the angle can be adjusted to facilitate use in paper mills.

The impeller part of the agitator that is in contact with the paddle is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-term stable operation of the agitator in harsh working environments, extending the service life of the machine, and reducing equipment loss and maintenance costs.

Leizhan can customize paper making and pulping machines of various production capacities for paper mills. If you want to set up a pulping production line, please contact me to know about Leizhan’s high-quality pulping machines. Email:

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