Recycled Paper Pulp Type Culture Paper Machine

Recycled Paper Pulp Type Line

The main equipments of recycled paper pulp type line includes: chain conveyor, pulper, cleaner, coarse screen, fine screen, refiner etc.
Chain conveyor + Drum Hydrapulper + High Density Cleaner + 1st stage coarse pressure screen + Reject Separator + Closed Multi-stage Floatation Cell + Low Density Heavy Impurity Cleaner + fine press screen + High Speed Washer+ Double Disc Refiner

Basic Parameter Of Recycled Paper Pulp Type Culture Paper Machine

Trimmed Width: 3350mm
Basis Weight: 40-60g/m²
Normal Grammage: 45g/m²
Production Capacity: 250t/d
Operating Speed: 1200m/min
Design Speed: 1300m/min

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