Paper Mill Durable Felt

Felt thickness and density are key factors affecting durability and performance. Thicker felt generally provides better support and abrasion resistance. The density of the felt affects its ability to retain moisture and carry it away from the paper during the drying process. Leizhan can select appropriate felts for customers based on their paper mill requirements.

Leizhan’s felt can also withstand the wear and tear caused by continuous use in the papermaking process, which can reduce the downtime of felt replacement and improve the production efficiency of the paper making production line. The felt is also heat-resistant, which prevents the felt from shrinking or losing its structural integrity at high temperatures.

Leizhan can provide paper mills with various paper making and pulping machines and paper machine spare parts. Leizhan can customize suitable paper mill machines for customers according to their needs. Welcome to contact me for details. Email address:

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