Durable Agitator in Pulping Line

The agitator is an important machine in the pulping production line. It is mainly used to circulate and stir the pulp tank to keep the pulp in a suspended state so that the pulp is evenly distributed in various components of the paper. In addition, the agitator has an advanced design that saves energy consumption.

The impeller part of the agitator that is in contact with the paddle is made of stainless steel. The angle can also be adjusted and can be hung on the wall to save space. At the same time, the agitator is also equipped with baffle, which is better suitable for pulping production lines.

Leizhan can not only provide high-quality agitator for paper mills, but also provide a complete set of pulping machines with complete specifications. If your paper mill needs new equipment, please feel free to contact me. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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