Disc Thickener in Pulping Production Line

This disc thickener adopts advanced thickening technology, which can effectively remove the water in the slurry and improve the thickening degree of the pulp. This highly efficient concentration process designed by Leizhan can significantly reduce the size of the pulp, improve the utilization of raw materials, and thus reduce the energy and cost consumption of the slurry treatment.

The disc thickener uses closed-circuit circulating water system, which can effectively recover and reuse most of the cleaning water and reduce water waste. At the same time, through the efficient thicken process, the discharge of wastewater can be significantly reduced and the environmental impact can be reduced.

Leizhan’s disc thickeners are ideal for pulp production lines in paper mills, improving mill productivity with low maintenance costs. Welcome to email me for more details. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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