A3, A4 Paper Making Machine

a3, a4 paper making machine

Leizhan manufacture full machine to produce A3 A4 printing and copying paper, the specification data and details as the following point.

A3,A4 Paper Manufacturing Machine

Equipment: A3,A4 Paper Making Machine
Output paper: A3, A4 paper writing paper, printing paper, school use exercise paper/newsprint paper, etc
Trimmed width: 2400-6600mm
Working speed: 200-800m/min
Design speed: 250-1000m/min
Weight: 2000kg-5800kg
Material: Stainless steel or u required

We supply the complete set of A3, A4, etc cultural paper making line, which include stock preparation line and culture paper making, welcome to consult us for more details: wastepapermachine@gmail.com

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