High Production Capacity Hydrapurger

Using hydrapurger can remove plenty of light impurities in the waste paper pulp, avoid refining impurities in the pulping process, reduce the equipment charge on latter process, improve pulper’s production capacity. Hydrapurger is one of the corollary equipment in continuous pulping system, it has the advantages of large production capacity, compact structure, convenient to install and repair.

Structure Principle Of Hydrapurger

Hydrapurger is mainly composed with front cover, drum body, rotor device, foundation, transmission,etc.
1. There are equipped with inlet pipe and heavy impurity discharging pipe above the front cover.
2. The front of drum body is equipped with light impurity discharging pipe. Flange within telos connects with outlet chamber of rotor equipment. In two sides the connecting plate links with foundation.
3. Rotor device is mainly composed with rotor, principal axis,outlet room, sieve plate, bearing pedestal,transmission stand, main engine belt pulley, etc.
4. Foundation is mainly used for bearing chassis and transmission section.
5. Transmission section is mainly composed with motor, motor belt wheel, motor holder and triangular belt.

Our hydrapurger adopts automatic control system make the process of impurities removal convenient and reliable. If you want to know more, please free email me for further details. Email Address: wastepapermachine@gmail.com.

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