Vacuum Roll Used in Paper Mill

The vacuum roll is generally made of phosphor bronze or stainless steel roller body color glue, the thickness of the glue layer is about 35mm, and the hardness is 850 (Shore). The vacuum roll has high rubber hardness and good dehydration performance.

Structural Features of Vacuum Roll

1.The vacuum chamber is welded by cast iron or steel plate, and can rely on the movement of the two rollers of the vacuum chamber, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly.
2.There is a water filled rubber hose under the sealing strip of the vacuum roll, which can withstand the sealing strip to prevent air leakage.
3.There are two adjustment rods in the middle of the roller body, which can adjust the working width of the vacuum chamber.

Vacuum roll are the most suitable components for paper mills compared to other rolls. In order to get the most suitable paper machine, please email me with your requirements. Email address:

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