Unbleached Tissue Paper Or White Living Paper?

Unbleached Tissue Paper Or White Living Paper
With the improvement of people’s living standards, the sales of living paper are becoming more and more popular. There are many brands of living paper, at the same time the unbleached living paper arise. White paper has a large market, but its original paper has a high profit.

What’s The “Original Paper” of The Unbleached Paper?

People in the paper industry know that in the process of making paper, toilet paper needs to boil raw materials such as wood and bamboo to form bamboo and wood colored pulp. The difference in color is the difference in the following process.

  • White toilet paper: bleached pulp, re washing and screening;
  • Original toilet paper: washing and screening pulp directly.

Does The Original Paper Really “Add Nothing”?

Bleaching of sanitary pulp needs to use chlorine containing compounds. Although they are repeatedly cleaned in the following process, there is still a small amount of residue. Without the use of bleach, the original paper, naturally there is no problem. However, the original paper is not as “no added” as the propaganda. Due to the higher content of lignin in unbleached pulp, the produced paper will be hard.
As a result, the paper will add more softeners and wetting agents than white toilet paper.


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