Tissue Paper Pulping Production Line Usage Site

In the normal operation of Afghan customers’ tissue production lines, the pulping machines provided by Leizhan play an important role. This time, Leizhan mainly provides a complete set of roller bale openers, middle consistency pulpers, HD high density cleaner, RF refiners, low-pulse inflow pressure screens, vibrating screens, agitators, etc.

These pulping machines are all suitable pulping machines customized by Leizhan’s professional engineers according to the needs of Afghan customers. In this regard, Afghan customers are very satisfied with the operating results of these pulping machines and have great trust in the professional services provided by Leizhan.

Leizhan has provided a complete set of pulping machines to many paper mills around the world and has received very good reviews. Welcome to know about Leizhan’s pulping machines. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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