Tissue Paper Making Machine

A high quality paper making machine is count a great deal.  Because it influences the paper output and the company
operating cost.  So it is vital to choose a paper making machine productor. Leizhan is a good choice.  We are  a professionalpaper making machinery company.  The tissue paper machine can making tissue paper, tolite paper, etc.We can offer one-stop service for you.  According to the types of paper, we can offer different paper making proposal and pulping system.  For instance Hydrapulper, mainly used for making tissue paper. It can promote the circulation and rollover of pulp and reinforce friction between fiber.  This equipment can improve the paper output and reduce electricity consumption.  Making many kinds of papercould meet sale production diversity.

The Feature of Tissue Paper Making Machine

Paper Grade                     High-grade Household Paper
Trimmed Width(mm)             1575-3600
Basis Weight(g/m2)                          13-40
Operating Speed(m/min)             180-800
Production Capacity(t/d)                    5-50

There are many details about Tissue Paper Making Machine.  Welcome have a visit to our company.  If you have interest or havingquestion about other machine.  Please free to contact us: wastepapermachine@gmail.com

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