Stable Tissue Paper Machines Suitable for Paper Mill

The toilet paper machine designed by Leizhan can adjust the parameters according to the needs of customers, thereby adapting to the needs of different markets and users. The toilet paper machine has a stable design structure, which can ensure stable operation and reduce the chance of failure.

Reference Data for this Tissue Paper Machine

Net paper width: 2880mm
Weight: 14-50gsm
Design speed: 200m/min
Working speed: 140-180m/min
Production capacity: 10-30tpd
Gauge: 3900mm
Transmission mode: AC
Power: 49KW
Size: 12.8*7.7*5.8m
Weight: 50t

Whether it is meeting the production needs of small-scale paper mills or providing production quality of tissue papper products, this tissue paper machine is the perfect choice for paper mills. Welcome to contact me for more information about paper making machines. Email address:

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