Simple to Operate Small Scale Toilet Paper Machine

This toilet paper machine has a high level of automated production, is simple and easy to operate, can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. This toilet paper machine can flexibly produce toilet paper machines of various specifications and qualities to adapt to market changes.

Details of this Toilet Paper Machine

Output paper weight: 15-30 g/m2
Output paper width: 1200-3200 mm
Wire width: 1450-3650 mm
Capacity: 2-15 tons per day
Working speed: 50-180m/min
Design speed: 80-210m/min
Gauge: 1800-4300 mm
Driving mode: AC variable frequency speed regulation, segmented drive

In addition to providing various paper making machines to paper mills, Leizhan can also provide paper mills with a complete set of pulping machines and paper making machine spare parts. Please feel free to email me with details about the paper mill machinery you need. Email:

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