Multifunctional Tissue Paper Machine Price

This crescent-shaped tissue paper machine has adjustable production parameters and can produce paper of different qualities according to customer requirements, thereby meeting the needs of different markets. This tissue paper machine uses advanced production processes and equipment to minimize its impact on the environment and improve energy efficiency.

Data for this TIssue Paper Machine

Quantity: 13~25g/m2
Net paper width: 2850mm
Working speed: 1300m/min (drying cylinder)
Design speed: 1400m/min
Dynamic balancing speed: 1600m/min
Gauge: 3900mm, (subject to final design)
Transmission mode: AC variable frequency speed regulation partial transmission
Main transmission power: 380kW
Production capacity: 65 t/d
Overall dimensions: 20000×11000×9000 (length×width×height)

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