High Efficiency Toilet Paper Machine

The tissue paper machine utilizes advanced automation and control systems to maximize productivity while minimizing downtime. This toilet paper machine can precisely control parameters such as pulp concentration, moisture content, and sheet forming to ensure the uniformity and strength of each roll.

Detailed Data of this Toilet Paper Machine

Quantity: 13~25g/m2
Net paper width: 2850mm
Working speed: 760m/min (drying cylinder)
Design speed: 800m/min
Dynamic balancing speed: 1000m/min
Gauge: 3900mm
Overall dimensions: 18000×10000×8000 (length×width×height)
Paper machine type: Crescent former toilet paper machine, single layer arrangement
Maximum component weight: drying cylinder approximately 25t

Leizhan can customize pulp and paper machines of various specifications for customers according to their needs. Welcome to contact me for details. Email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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