Durable Felt in Paper Mill Applications

Leizhan’s felt is a rough fabric made of high-density fibers that can absorb moisture well and also has good strength and thermal conductivity. The felt can provide the necessary friction and heat transfer capabilities in the printing mechanism and pressure mechanism to help the pulp evenly distribute in the paper machine and eliminate excess moisture.

Leizhan can select felts that meet the requirements for customers based on their different needs to ensure the best friction and thermal conductivity between the felts and paper. At the same time, Leizhan’s felt has the advantages of being easy to clean and maintain, which can improve the stability and production quality of the paper making production line.

Leizhan can provide various types of paper machines and waste paper recycling machines as well as paper machine spare parts for paper mills. Welcome to contact me for more details of paper mill machines. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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