Disc Thickener for Pulping Production Line

This disc thickener is an upgraded version of the inclined screen developed by Leizhan, which can effectively wash and concentrate low-consistency pulp, thereby improving the quality of pulp production. Leizhan’s disc thickeners provide adjustable operating parameters, allowing paper mills to adjust pulp consistency according to specific pulp characteristics.

This disc thickener is designed with an extensive filter area, allowing it to handle large volumes of pulp with ease. This high capacity increases production efficiency and ensures that the pulping line operates at optimal levels. The disc thickener also saves power consumption to the maximum extent, which can reduce the production cost of paper mills.

Leizhan’s pulping machines can help paper mills produce high-quality paper with higher efficiency. Welcome to send me an email about the pulping machines you need. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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