Cultural Paper Machine Favored by Paper Mill

The production capacity of the cultural paper machine designed by Leizhan is 150t/d, which can meet the production needs of paper mills. The cultural paper machine is designed with advanced technology and is easy to operate, which can improve the quality of finished paper produced by paper mills.

Design Data of the Cultural Paper Machine

Product varieties: offset paper, copy paper and other high-quality cultural paper
Quantity: 50-100g/m2 (70g/m2 calculation)
Clean paper width: 3520mm
Working speed: 500m/min
Design speed: 600m/min
Gauge: 4850mm (wet part), 4950mm (drying part)
Nominal capacity: 150/22.5h (70g/m, paper making rate 95%, finished product rate 95%)

As a manufacturer that has been developing paper making machines for many years, Leizhan can provide paper making machines of various sizes for paper mills. Welcome to contact me for detailed information. Email address:

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