Cheap Heavy Impurity Cleaner for Pulp Production Line

The heavy impurity cleaner developed by Leizhan is mainly used to remove larger heavy impurities in paper pulp, thereby reducing the burden on subsequent pulping equipment and extending the service life of the pulping machine. And improve the pulp quality to ensure a smoother and more efficient pulping process.

The heavy impurity cleaner plays an important role in the pulping production line. It can ensure that the pulp quality meets the needs of the paper making production line by removing heavy impurities, thereby allowing the paper mill to produce high-quality paper and meet market demand. Leizhan’s heavy impurity cleaner can also reduce energy consumption and reduce resource waste.

The pulp and paper making machines provided by Leizhan for paper mills have been tested repeatedly by Leizhan’s engineers and are ideal choices for paper mills. Welcome to contact me for details. Email address:

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