Chain Conveyor in Waste Paper Recycling Line

The chain conveyor is a specialized material handling equipment utilized in the pulp and paper industry to transport bulk materials along a fixed path. Leizhan’s chain conveyor is designed with precision and durability, ensuring smooth and reliable transportation of waste paper or other raw materials to the pulping machine.

Features and Advantages of this Chain conveyor

Rugged Construction: Leizhan’s chain conveyors are constructed from high-quality materials for extended service life, minimizing downtime and maintenance needs.
Efficient material handling: The chain conveyor is designed to transport bulk materials efficiently and continuously, effectively reducing manual handling, improving overall operational efficiency, and ensuring smooth material flow throughout the production line.
Integrated with pulping machine: It can realize seamless transmission of materials from the initial stage such as raw material feeding to the pulping process, helping to improve productivity.

Chain conveyors in Leizhan pulping machines effectively solve the challenges associated with material handling in the paper industry. Welcome to contact me for more details of pulping machines. Email address:

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