10-30T/D Toilet Paper Machine for Sale

The production capacity of this toilet paper machine is 10-30t/d. This toilet paper machine adopts advanced pulp forming technology and automated control system, which can achieve continuous high-quality toilet paper production. At the same time, the toilet paper machine can adjust the configuration and parameters of the production line according to different needs, providing customers with a variety of product choices.

Reference Data for this Tissue Paper Machine

Wire width: 2880mm
Weight: 14-50gsm
Working speed: 140-180m/min
Produce Capacity: 10-30tpd
Track gauge: 3900mm
Transmission mode: AC
Power: 49KW
Size: 12.8*7.7*5.8m
Weight: 50t

Leizhan can provide energy-saving and efficient paper making and pulping machines for paper mills, and also customize suitable machines for customers according to their needs. Welcome to contact me for details. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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